Hello and welcome to the Names Wiki! This is the perfect site to look up names of people and animals that have them (especially characters that have them).

Rules if you intend on contributing information

First off, in response to events that occurred on this Wiki in the past, you are now required to log in before adding anything. Registering for a Wikia account is not hard!

Do not put in names of objects, foods, beverages, liquids, vehicles, places, animal species and etc. (Names for people and animals only).

Include surnames. (But do not include surnames that are originally from popluar culture; unless if some could also be real surnames).

Do not put in names from popular culture; unless if some would be real names for people and animals.

No false information.

Names to Find

Put in external links of famous people, famous animals and even characters in media that may have names just like people. Also make pages with names of famous people, famous animals and even characters in media except unusual names which would be in popular culture and literature; unless some would also be real names.

You can find names of cast and crew members' names in opening credits of short films, feature films, featurettes, television shows, television specials and video games. If you see watch them on any sites that let you watch them for free, you can use a screenshot app on your device to take pictures of the cast and crew members' names to copy them and then put them on this site.

Have Fun!

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